Cost Evaluation of North Sea Offshore Wind Post 2030, towards spatial planning

February 2019

A first Cost Evaluation of North Sea Offshore Wind Post 2030 study was conducted on behalf of the consortium. In addition to the study, the consortium prepared a concept paper that includes the consortium’s view of this study including its (conclusions and limitations) as well as recognizing the other topics regarding spatial planning and its views on.

Our overall message is that long-term spatial planning and possible co-utilization of offshore wind areas in the North Sea requires urgent progress to unlock the regional cost-effective offshore wind energy potential of the North Sea contributing to the Paris Agreement goals. These wind farm and transmission infrastructure projects face already long lead times in planning and development. The consortium acknowledges that an internationally coordinated roll-out of offshore wind energy transmission and interconnection assets has substantial benefits, but also has an impact on the North Sea environment.

Concept paper: Towards spatial planning of north sea offshore wind. See report pdf
Study: Cost Evaluation of North Sea Offshore Wind Post 2030. See report pdf


Environmental pre-screening

October 2018

The environmental pre-screening provides perspectives on environmental effects of a potential hub and spoke project within the Dogger Bank and designated Natura2000 areas. See report (pdf)



November 2017

Preliminary assessment of geology and ecology for the NSWPH-project in Danish EEZ.  See report (pdf)


Gap Analysis ecological monitoring Dogger Bank

July 2017

This report gives an insight in the available information on possible impacts and a gap-analysis of the studies that need to be executed to assess the possible impacts on the ecosystem in relation to the proposed infrastructural initiatives on the Dogger Bank. See report (pdf)

Translate COP21 - 2045 outlook and implications for offshore wind in the North Seas

July 2017

This study explores implications for offshore wind in the North Sea following the Paris Climate Agreement. See report (pdf)


offshore wind  capacity Dogger Bank

February 2017

This report gives an answer to the following questions: 1. What is the current situation on the Dogger Bank, which functions are present at the moment? 2. What is the available area for offshore wind per country, for the different depths? 3. How many Gigawatt (GW) offshore wind can be placed on the Dogger Bank in the current and the future situation? See report (pdf)

Offshore Wind Dogger Bank - Ecological Quickscan

May 2016

This study looks into ecological areas to be further investigated under the project. See report (pdf)


On this page you can download the studies that have been carried out during the first phases of the project.