Planning & Permitting Study German EEZ (July 2019)

This study includes an overwiew of
1. relevant international and European treaties, regulations and directives and their specific implementation in the German EEZ2,
2. relevant national planning & permitting regimes in the German EEZ, including competent authorities, procedures and procedure time lines,
3. the relevant national policies in the German EEZ related to planning & permitting regimes,
4. potentially predominant aspects of these regimes and policies for different locations, configurations and technologies,
5. a qualitative assessment of the information needed for planning and permit applications concerning (i) necessity and benefits of hub and spoke projects, (ii) cross-border activities and impacts and (iii) (limiting) the project boundaries and accountable impacts or (iv) any other specific topics that are key for planning and permit applications,
6. specific national points of attention, e.g. known legal constraints and obstacles or specific procedural risks and requirements, such as requirements for detailed information and monitoring (‘front loading’) at the start, versus more flexible procedures.

Permitting Study Germany