Planning and Permitting Study UK (July 2019)

July 2019

The NSWPH consortium has requested studies to be undertaken to inform the consortium on the planning and permitting regimes in each of the applicable jurisdictions (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway).
A concise report is required which sets out the findings of the desk-based study using clear overviews and schedules. The main purpose of the desk-based study is to inform the consortium on the planning and permitting aspects of the hub and to provide insight into the following:
Relevant international and European treaties, regulations and directives and their specific implementation
• Relevant national planning and permitting regimes, including competent authorities, procedures and procedure time lines
• An overview of the implications of these consenting regimes for the project locations, configurations and technologies listed above
• The information required for relevant planning and permitting applications
• Specific national points of attention, e.g. known legal constraints and obstacles or specific
• procedural risks and requirements.

Permitting Study UK