Danish planning and permitting regimes for eez sector (May 2019)

May 2019
In connection with the ambitions of the consortium, The North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH), COWI Denmark A/S has been tasked to provide an overview of the planning and permitting regimes within the Danish EEZ.

Tentatively, the consortium has designated an area off the Danish west coast – within the Danish EEZ –chosen as a location potentially suitable for one of several hubs for renewable energy infrastructures. This area is one out of four locations considered as ‘test’ locations, used to help identify the drivers and barriers as a base for further analysis.

This desk study provides an overview of relevant planning and permitting regimes in the Danish EEZ, including an overview of competent authorities, procedures and tentative time-schedules for executing planning and permitting procedures. The study will furthermore provide insight in the potential predominant aspects of the Danish regimes for the NSWPH projects in the area off the Danish west coast, considering configurations and technologies, including a qualitative assessment of the information need for planning and permitting the projects.

The desk study also takes into consideration a national point of attention regarding considerations of change in the permitting procedures for offshore wind turbines.

Finally, the study argues that the NSWPH consortium is required to undertake

Permitting Study DK