27 September 2018: WindEurope Conference 2018

At the WindEurope Conference at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg 27 September 2018 the consortium hosted a consultation session to update key stakeholders on important developments since the previous consultation session during WindEurope in Amsterdam last year. Since then the consortium partners have worked effortlessly to address some fundamental commercial, economics, technical and legal aspects of the NSWPH project.

During the WindEurope event at the 27 September 2018 we discussed the first observations on the spatial challenges in relation to the large-scale Offshore Wind roll-out in the North Sea and the need for co-utilization if we want to reach the Paris climate goals on decarbonisation. In addition also first observations were shared about possible benefits of hub as an island based on research done by TNO/ECN. Finally, Roland Berger presented interim results of the study done for the European Commission to identify concrete hybrid projects within the North Sea Offshore Energy Clusters initiative. The Global wind Summit is was an excellent opportunity to re-connect, share exciting new study results and jointly discuss the way forward.

Presentation NSWPH WindEurope 27.9.2018

Presentation Ronald Berger study 27.9.2018