25 October 2017: Meeting with environmental stakeholders

The consortium meet 25 October in Brussels with a group of environmental stakeholders, primarily NGO’s from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The consortium met separately with Danish environmental NGO’s 8 November. The purpose of these meetings was to discuss the recent environmental pre-screening and first observations of a spatial study commissioned by the consortium. The environmental pre-screening provides perspectives on environmental effects of a potential hub and spoke project within the Dogger Bank and designated Natura2000 areas and the spatial study shows possible locations in the North Sea region where OWFs can be developed including a first estimation of the levelized cost of energy (LCoE) of possible locations, while seeking to take also adaptation cost of encountering other user functions into account (LCoE-R). The consortium sees these two studies as part of exploring and developing a potential North Sea Wind Power Hub.

The consortium is exploring several potential locations for a possible first hub and spoke project both on and outside the Dogger Bank and Natura 2000. The group of environmental stakeholders strongly encouraged the consortium to carry out a broader and deeper analysis that i.a. should include the entire North Sea (also deeper waters and a perspective for floating wind turbines), assess various hub solutions (not only as a sand-filled island but also jacket and floating structures) and integrate research institutes and universities. Stakeholders requested improved transparency and engagement from the consortium and offered and expressed an interest in discussing and scoping additional analyses. This offer was well-received and appreciated by the consortium.


Presentation NSWPH NGO meeting 25.10.2018

Environmental pre-screening report October 2018